Running off the Blues

It’s happened. Spring has come in full color and the big question… What will I wear??!!!

My staple this past winter : Jeans. I love jeans! My favs have been worn so much that the strategically shredded patches have become shredded holes! Still cool, but it’s time to get a new look.

I checked my wardrobe to see what stays and what goes, and I realized I need color!

My online browsing brought me to a few new things I absolutely love!

VS Lace Dress ~ Fab for Spring! Sexy, but Lady! Perfect for a “barely there” chest.

VS Cheeky Short and fun Dream Tee. They speak for themselves!

And I also love Alloy’s Layla Tank. These will look great through Summer as well.

About Karen

My life is exciting, raising 3 boys. I was inspired to stay fit, be fashionable, and have fun with my little men. Running is my love and sanity booster. It's important for me to feel good inside so that I can be a better woman and mom. It means a lot to me when I can help someone else feel great about themselves and having been a Fashion Stylist, I have opportunity to do just that. Fabulous threads make me confident and chic. It goes without saying, confidence means success. The gift of realism through my relationship experiences... ahem well... Welcome to the living single! What appeals to me is Adventure! Exploring new places and giving my sons a chance to experience great adventures themselves makes every day incredible! Life is really one big adventure and I'm living mine! View all posts by Karen

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