Knights in Disguise or… Dead?


What happened to Chivalry?

Here in America, societal values evolve with technology. What does that mean for the hopeless romantic?

The Hopeless Romantic:

1. Still picks up those Historical Fiction novel reads to ignite her imagination for great love and romance (Reality is actually quite sad in comparison)

2. With having dreamed the Dream of Unrequited Love, she looks for it in the tall dark and handsome isle and he’s not there

3. Hopes and dreams for rescue, die a slow death when reality is faced, and she decides to settle for financial security and the sure idea that he’ll make a good dad someday…

Maybe it isn’t as bleak as the picture I am painting, however there is some truth to the fact that the romantic women in America, don’t have so many options.

With the old values and integrity in question, what do we have to choose from? The men  now a days are only out for a good time, and we’re just another piece of ass. Where is the guy who would value a woman of pure heart?

He isn’t in America, so my guess is he’s in Europe…

About Karen

My life is exciting, raising 3 boys. I was inspired to stay fit, be fashionable, and have fun with my little men. Running is my love and sanity booster. It's important for me to feel good inside so that I can be a better woman and mom. It means a lot to me when I can help someone else feel great about themselves and having been a Fashion Stylist, I have opportunity to do just that. Fabulous threads make me confident and chic. It goes without saying, confidence means success. The gift of realism through my relationship experiences... ahem well... Welcome to the living single! What appeals to me is Adventure! Exploring new places and giving my sons a chance to experience great adventures themselves makes every day incredible! Life is really one big adventure and I'm living mine! View all posts by Karen

One response to “Knights in Disguise or… Dead?

  • ryan

    Dear Karen,

    I agree it is sad how American society has decomposed to such a point that women are often portrayed, at least by corporations and media, in such denigrated ways.

    Also it is disturbing how many boys are running around in men’s bodies and how many fathers are absent. Have we Americans forgotten that boys must be taught to be men?

    Now I am reminded of Clive Staples Lewis, Frederick Buechner and John R.R. Tolkien, the stories they have written, and what they have written about stories. There are reasons romance novels sell and I believe one of the reasons is much the same reason the Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien’s books about Middle Earth sell: in these books there is a ring of truth. The truth these books point to is something many people have called the Good News. It is the best story ever told, in my opinion. And the best part is that it is true! It is this story, becoming a part of this story, that has satisfied the deepest yearnings of my heart.

    May you be blessed on your quest,

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