Keeping IT alive!

Everywhere, everyone, has had one …or many, at one point ….or several points, in their life.

Some end up on The Bucket List, some get lost in the responsibilities of living, and some of them even are powerfully realized.

I’m talking about dreams here People! Big people have Dreams and pursue them and everyone, Everyone is a Big person!

Now that we are all on the same playing field, what is your Dream, and what are you doing to keep it alive?

I went on a quest, if you will, a mental pursuance of how to make the dreams I have come alive.

Early on, I was labeled a Dreamer. Day dreaming was a favorite escape, not much got done in grade school when I set my focus on greater things rather than long division or the molecular makeup of atoms. I dreamed of being a great singer, a great actress, a great dancer, a cool FBI agent, an unsuspecting spy… hence the vivid imagination of a young adolescent…

I listened to motivational speakers, I read up on how to make your dreams come true, I talked to people, I watched the vids of successful people speak of how they got there, and it sunk in what I needed to begin doing.

1. Vision Board

2. Imagine

3. Do

4. Yeah, I’m not there yet… Still repeating 2 and 3

Create a Vision Board. All the things I want for my life, in short term and long.

Imagine how I’ll feel doing it, have it in my hands, and living how I want, where I want, when I am living my Dream.

Do whatever I have to to keep my dream a reality.  Go test drive that sports car, sign up for those helicopter lessons, take a vacation to that town you’ll buy a house in someday, visit the real estate office there. Start making your Dream a reality.

When a Big person puts their Dream in their hands, the feel of it makes it a reality. No longer is the Dream a floating idea out there, you got it! It’s between your hands!

This actually works, as silly as it may sound, and I’m still learning! I’m keeping my Dreams alive, every single one of them, and they are becoming realized now!

What will you do with your Dream, Big Person?

Yeah, those are my hands on my Dream bike.


About Karen

My life is exciting, raising 3 boys. I was inspired to stay fit, be fashionable, and have fun with my little men. Running is my love and sanity booster. It's important for me to feel good inside so that I can be a better woman and mom. It means a lot to me when I can help someone else feel great about themselves and having been a Fashion Stylist, I have opportunity to do just that. Fabulous threads make me confident and chic. It goes without saying, confidence means success. The gift of realism through my relationship experiences... ahem well... Welcome to the living single! What appeals to me is Adventure! Exploring new places and giving my sons a chance to experience great adventures themselves makes every day incredible! Life is really one big adventure and I'm living mine! View all posts by Karen

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