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Knights in Disguise or… Dead?


What happened to Chivalry?

Here in America, societal values evolve with technology. What does that mean for the hopeless romantic?

The Hopeless Romantic:

1. Still picks up those Historical Fiction novel reads to ignite her imagination for great love and romance (Reality is actually quite sad in comparison)

2. With having dreamed the Dream of Unrequited Love, she looks for it in the tall dark and handsome isle and he’s not there

3. Hopes and dreams for rescue, die a slow death when reality is faced, and she decides to settle for financial security and the sure idea that he’ll make a good dad someday…

Maybe it isn’t as bleak as the picture I am painting, however there is some truth to the fact that the romantic women in America, don’t have so many options.

With the old values and integrity in question, what do we have to choose from? The men  now a days are only out for a good time, and we’re just another piece of ass. Where is the guy who would value a woman of pure heart?

He isn’t in America, so my guess is he’s in Europe…

Manly Denim

It’s no secret! Women like seeing a nice Manly ass. What’s more, we like seeing it in Jeans that look… HOT!

Investing in a sweet pair can work to your advantage, so why not?!

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping:

1.Spend the time and try on as many brands as you dare. You might have to try on 50 in order to find two you like.

Bringing along a female friend can help, but I recommend hiring a personal stylist to do the job. She will know what really looks good!

2. Don’t think a baggy butt looks cool. It doesn’t! So do a little checking before you spend. Not too tight either, unless you are losing weight. Love handles need to stay well hidden!

3. Do the squat check. You are trying to make a statement, not show us the goods.

4. If your butt is wide or large, stay away from back pocket flaps. Go with a more slimming look.

5. Try on other styles. Don’t get stuck on just one look.

6. Spend some money! Hot Jeans aren’t cheap!

If you want a cheap ass, get some cheap jeans. But… you’re missing the point.

My Picks~

Lucky Brand

True Religion


When you ROCK your Jeans,…

Ladies watch out!!

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