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Flip Your Flops

Love your toes?

She won’t!

Men have hotter views to show us, of the fairer sex, than their feet. To put it plainly, narly toes sporting flip-flops are NOT OK!

The large population of men who wear them, don them for the cooling effect rather than fashion.

So try this alternative that is catching on in hot waves… Espadrilles! They are the best of both worlds. We don’t see your toes and you keep cool while looking HOT at the same time!

Made to conform to your foot, the canvas and rope sole espadrille breathes and allows for comfort on hot days.

Tip: With these classics, sizing down is a good thing. The canvas will stretch and fit your shape perfectly.

My Picks:




Save your flip-flops for the beach or pool and wear Espadrilles instead for bumming around.

Running off the Blues

It’s happened. Spring has come in full color and the big question… What will I wear??!!!

My staple this past winter : Jeans. I love jeans! My favs have been worn so much that the strategically shredded patches have become shredded holes! Still cool, but it’s time to get a new look.

I checked my wardrobe to see what stays and what goes, and I realized I need color!

My online browsing brought me to a few new things I absolutely love!

VS Lace Dress ~ Fab for Spring! Sexy, but Lady! Perfect for a “barely there” chest.

VS Cheeky Short and fun Dream Tee. They speak for themselves!

And I also love Alloy’s Layla Tank. These will look great through Summer as well.

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