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dream cinders

On the Beach

On the beach

A dress to burn

Loves dazed dream

Of heart sick spurned

The smoky light

Of a settling night

Murmurs of past

Cindering in Flight

Glorious day

Once larger than life

Lay in ash

Gentle facade of a wife

Labor of the day

Love of the night

The toil of hearts

Taking flight

Be gone, be gone

Days of strife

Seek the love

Of ones very life

And that moment

Of accepted grief

Dreams of always

Seek hearts relief

~ Lisa Lee

Healing Cinders

fabulous swearing


The use of foul language never left the safety of ┬ámy mind till I began the process of divorce. I actually only thought those words, and sometimes I would say them under my breath, when I was alone and truly angry. I said “fuck”.

Actually, I really liked saying it. I’m in my mid thirties, discovering that saying swear words is fun! For whatever reason, expressing myself with a swear word is… enough. A word that can actually accurately describe my true deep loathsome feelings about something, it has to be a good thing.

Recently I learned that if you put a positive outlook to something, it changes it. For example, I was teaching my niece about the pain of weightlifting and cardio. It hurts and our minds say, hurt = bad, but when you decide that that kind of pain = good, then working out is changed for you. You begin to think of it as awesome and exciting and you can get pumped up about it.

I put a positive to my swearing. I’m OK with it. I don’t swear all of the time, since I like using the English language and all its wealth of words, however, swearing does not hold a bad or wrong meaning to me any longer.

To each, her own, and I’ll keep using my fabulous swear words, when I feel like it.



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