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There is something about being on the Ocean, feeling the motion… simply peaceful.









My experience with Lux Life Vacations was extraordinary. Evening sail topped it off! I’ll do it again in a heartbeat! 



The balmy dense air touched my skin through my clothes. Clouds moved in thick light puffs across the dark starred sky, blocking. The night lanterns placed here and there dripped with moisture, heat and dimmed the large glass encasings, which brought a kind of romantic hue to the solitary night.

My gaze… appreciating the pink in the martini glass that rested on the low wide wicker arm, watching the tiny bug circle and circle the clear glass, avoiding the condensation.

Mirroring the hushed light of the late night, my mind deep in thought. The days before… behind.

Under the glimmer of dark, I listened to a group of young men, the table over. It was interesting and not. Almost, I piped in to add to the conversation, and …no. Let me, be.


Hello boys!

“We followed you out here where it’s cooler.”

Yes, it was simply unbearable in there!


As I sat long reclining on the cushion-less chair, my seat sore from the long drive of the day, I listened and relaxed and enjoyed.

The deep male voices and my pink raspberry martini. Soaking in the night, with me.

A date with me. For a blissful first moment of time, I wasn’t missing something. For a blissful moment, my alone became… beautiful.


close that business Down, girl!!!

Chasti… hmmmm, Def!

There is the question we women always face when in ‘the process’ and here it is…

Is this really what I want? 

So recently, I asked my doc to sew me closed for business.

Okay, he didn’t, but here is the idea that I keep coming back to. I am a one and only kinda girl, and will always be.


The Chastity Belt of Virtue and Purity by my definition is:  the idea that I’m back at square 1, staying pure and whole as a woman, heart and soul and mind, until Robin Hood comes with his chain saw… or preferably a sword or some less rusty medieval weapon.

Yep! I got it on day and night, and occasionally take it off. But its on NOW!
What I’ve come to understand about myself in this great process of healing my soul, heart and mind, is that the desire for ‘the one’ is out there but in the meantime I have needs and wants. It all ends up being the same thing.

There is also the problem I have of attracting the wrong guy. (Really, he doesn’t fit my profile. My profile is actually, The Rock. Bigger is better, in my opinion.) These other attractions, attracting my attention and being a bandaid for the real thing is just that! A quick fix!  There’s really nothing wrong with that. Bandaids are fine, as long as I know it.

I get caught, thinking. Could I fall for this guy? #Forgetaboutit!!!

My stylist Chris has heard my announcement every time I sit in his chair, “I’m writing men off for GOOD! AND I’m joining the Nunnery! Its ridiculous!!!”

Oh Honey, don’t wear that thing for long! You don’t want to be sweeping those damn cobwebs out! Chris’ expert response.

My focus is on me, not dating, not messing around, I’m done with all that! I shall focus on my kids, forget men, and develop the woman I am, for a nice long while!

Then, when I’m good and ready, get back out there and see who has entered the world of big solid possibilities. When I do, I’ll practice my art of attraction and see what gives. It will be an interesting adventure.

For now, keeping my belt synched tight, focus on kids and work, I’ll have time to take for myself and heal. Its all good! It really is! wink

single parenting made easy. Nerf Wars!

The best parenting skills go out the window, when 4 #monsterwieldingloadedweapons are in the house. I loaded up and joined in!

Nerf Wars

A few hrs of blasting my boys+1 with the latest in Nerf gun technology, made 2 things happen.

First, they were all happy and as only a parent would appreciate, exhausted.

Second, I actually felt like a kid again, playing capture the flag on moonlit nights in South America. The cool thought, give my boys that adventure-loving game of life I had… that’s what I want for them.

Living great was never more enjoyable!

Nerf Wars

Muir in the Mist

It was sunny. I headed out, to spend some secluded time with my book and the sand.

I was anxious to smell the ocean, the salt and breeze, feel the sand on my skin. I brought my bikini, just in case.

Muir Beach, CA was my destination.

As I drove down the twisting HWY 1 to the coast, fog began blocking out the sun and my view. The air was turning from warm to chilly, and by the time I parked in the ‘lot full’ parking lot, I was thankful I had brought my short jean jacket.

I had chosen my clothing carefully. I wore a short teal lace beach dress, cute wedge sandals, and my bikini in which I scandalously changed into, in my car. (no one saw me!) It was not quite what I’d prefer to wear on a cold day at the beach.

Barefoot walk to the beach in the cold sand, carrying my favorite “use me over and over again” Kenneth Cole Reaction bag filled with towel, sarong, book, camera, water,… I was set.

Interesting people greeted me as I passed by. Fire smoke and bundled babies and doggies having a blast, it was perfect!

My happy spot selected, I sat to enjoy the sights, smells and strangers around me.  Groups of people camped around smoking fires, keeping warm in the sand. Activity and conversation surrounded me.  It was lovely, alone on the beach with my book and my thoughts.

When the wind turned the air from bearable to bone-chilling, I packed up with thoughts of wearing more appropriate beach clothing. On the path, I passed a camera crew going to take cool misty shots and a college group carrying heavy logs, with ‘great flames’ written on their faces.

It was tempting to stay and enjoy the night fun on Muir Beach, but my cold feet took me to my car and home. Next time…

Sharks at New Smyrna

Those were the only sharks we saw on our most recent trip to Florida.

New Smyrna Beach in May, had a shark alert. So when I took my little guys to the beach, I was on the look out as well.

I was relieved to see the population, when we arrived at the beautiful white beach.

Boys at the beach need, not just water and sand, but always toys!! Water guns are among this mom’s favs.

No apologies necessary. I do have typical little boys. The black tank, perfect cover-up for the fun-loving mom! But time to get a new suite, and a tan.

It was a perfect day! We found tiny fish, not sharks at New Smyrna Beach.

After spending all day at the beach, there was nothing better to sit down to with sandy shoes and wet suits, than the Dolphin View. Tucked away on North Riverside Drive, New Smyrna, is the best fresh fish! My tired fellas were highly entertained by the fisherman butchering the day’s catch right on the dock, while we waited for our dinner.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida in May. We’ll be back!

Romance on the Beach






Seascape, one of California’s more secluded beaches in Santa Cruz and is rated high on the list of romantic beaches for lovers.









I took my family there.



We did not find lovers, however what we found we loved.

Dogs. Many, many dogs. Doggies in the surf, doggies running everywhere, doggies doing what they do best.



It was funny going to a beach where everyone had a dog. But we enjoyed it and it only added to the fun we were having.

The beach was clean and the presence of the Life Guard was a plus. The surf was rough deeper out, but the long stretch of shallow water was great for the kids.

There were fire pits here and there, permanently set for the night fun. We left when it got too cold for us, but next time we’ll plan to stay late to enjoy the fires.




Spring Beach Break

Tucked away, Bolinas Beach is a well-kept secret among California’s beach-goers. My family spent a week there during the Spring.

Bolinas itself is not just another beach town, this place is special. Nestled close to the long stretch of popular Stinson Beach and the beautiful views on Mount Tamalpais, Bolinas offers its own history. There you’ll find in the Bolinas Museum showcasing local history, art, and photography.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a young sea-lion enjoying the sunshine.

We were soon acquainted with the local flavor. The friendly locals out for a beach stroll, the few surfers enjoying early morning waves, and a dog named Bill.

The small town atmosphere was what attracted me most about this place. It was a perfect locale to catch up on some relaxing and living. I would definitely take my family there again.

Those California Boyz

As parents of boys, my husband and I are always looking for great places to take our little men-in-making to. It’s always a hit, when there is a little “danger” involved.

We found, The USS Hornet.

What’s better than boys exploring an Aircraft Carrier with a great history?!

The impressive gun was a huge hit, not just with the little guys.

This is what they did for fun!

Seaman in the making?

The Hornet was not only a hit with our boys, but as we were leaving, lined up next to the ship we saw close to 200 anxious Boy Scouts waiting with pillows and sleeping bags.

We are looking forward to our next adventure on the USS Hornet.

Perfect Speed

It was a day to fall in love. It had been raining at Thunderhill and it was cold, but there was a break in the grey clouds. They were out there, regardless of cold and wet.  They had come to this place in the hills of California to learn from the best. These men had paid for the privilege to learn at one of the top racing schools in America, Jason Pridmore’s Star Motorcycle School.  The wet was beginning to dry.

I was anxious to leave my warm dry place and meet the man whom I had watched race years ago. I reminisced those days when I was new to Motorcycle Racing. I had the honor of meeting some of the celebrity riders who made a living out of racing, not just racing but racing well! Those men who pushed their limits, speed and power, to the ultimate level, I loved it!

My chance had come again, but in a different setting. I was not elbowing through the gathering crowds at Race Weekend to get an autograph or picture, but I still felt the same anticipation to meet again the Rider whom I admired and respected. And there he was, Steve Rapp, in his ripped jeans looking as impressive as ever I saw him, with a cool smile on his face. I was delighted! Steve Rapp, one of the fastest Racers in America, offered to take me on a two-up ride around the Race Track. I couldn’t wait!

It had been 8 years, the last time I rode. During those years I had wanted a two-up ride with a ‘fast guy’ however never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d go with Steve Rapp!  All suited up, I was briefed on what to do in turns. Lean with the bike, look into each turn, elbows loose and relaxed. Steve informed me that we would go about 40% the first lap around and I assumed it would be a joyride around the track. I was completely wrong!

Like muscle memory, the slow ride down to the entrance felt familiar. There were men gathered in a semblance of a line, waiting their turn to ride with Jason Pridmore. All were moving with anticipation and I felt it too. I had some trepidation; thoughts of flying off the end in a tight turn had me a little worried. Excitement won out and I blocked any fear I had. This was going to be AWESOME!

Riding the twisties with my husband didn’t prepare me for this! I knew to look over his shoulder at each turn, and to look ahead through the apex of the turn and anticipate the next. That all came back to me in a flash as Steve Rapp pulled away from the start with a wheelie and SPEED! We were in the first turn before I could even breathe! I could not believe it! We were going SO FAST! I had NO IDEA what 40% meant! All thought left me and I just EXPERIENCED! The constant blast of the wind as we pushed through, the feel, vibration and scream of the impressive machine beneath, felt exhilarating! Power and Speed all in one beautiful machine! It amazed me!

As each turn came, I felt Steve shift his body in front of me, to hang off the seat. I began to imitate him, one cheek on one off, elbows loose and open. Hang on for dear life!! He accelerated out of each turn with incredible force that I had difficulty getting back up on the seat. I felt him shift preparing for the turn, brake, and we were leaning and accelerating out. There was no room in my mind for fear! All I could think of was “Get ready! Next turn!” Steve was so smooth that it became familiar.

All too suddenly we slowed and came to a stop. One lap around the track went by with lightning speed! I was somewhat relieved that we stopped, my butt had developed a cramp from tensing so much and I needed a short break.  I wanted to preserve this mind-blowing ride and cramping held no place there. Steve reminded me to breathe and relax. We talked about how the ride went and I was shocked that that was his 40%. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine going THAT fast! What was he capable of? Curiosity won and I was ready to find out how fast we really could go. I wanted more. More speed, more power, just more.

He complied. We wheelied out of acceleration and sped down the front straight-away. This time I was ready for the first turn. Breathe and Relax, I told myself. I held on and leaned with him as we took the turn at an incredible pace. Time slowed a moment as I watched him into the next turn and I looked down at the tarmac. It was so close but too far still. I had wanted to touch, scrape my knee in the turn, but unfortunately I was sitting too high. We were leaned over so far that all I could see was black tarmac and sky. The hills and grasses were blurred into oblivion. I loved this!

Desire for this Sport filled my heart and I found a beauty and perfection in seeing the rhythm being played out before and beneath me. Man and Machine. Like seeing an athlete in perfect muscular performance, THIS was a graceful dance with honed timing and speed. The way Steve muscled the bike to do what he wanted, in such a perfectly smooth yet passionate tango, was Beauty like I’ve never seen before. It affected me in a profound way.

I wanted to scream, cry, laugh. I smiled. From deep within my soul, explicit love and life! What my body and eyes beheld seemed beyond reality. Seeing firsthand, what this man was capable of, what this machine was capable of exploded my mind! I was simply and utterly amazed!

On the last and final lap, I reveled in the joy and thrill of the bike in motion, wishing the ride wouldn’t end. Track in its unchanged pattern, turns, and elevation, straight-away. Machine with its power and potential wanting to be felt. Rider with his incredibly effortless skill, pushing his desire and will to go where he wanted. It was then that I realized I was forever changed.

I could never go back there, content to just riding the roads! My mind had opened up to the potential and I wanted the Track! The passion and love I had always held for Road Racing was borne anew in me but this time it was with such force it rocked me. Desire and Emotion were my constant companions for the rest of the day and would continue to be until I got back out there.

The experience I had, was one of a lifetime. Gifted to me by a brilliant man was even more spectacular! I happily give Steve Rapp, all my acclaim, for allowing me to have a very small glimpse into his world of Beauty and Performance.


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